District 9

District 9

When I see Peter Jacksons name on something these days I just feel so disheartened (and he had such potential.). Luckily that is the only mark he has left on this, open, then pour, instant classic. This is a film where the sum far outweighs the parts. Blomkamp with his debut has not got all the parts right but as a whole it is the best film this year.

Firstly I have to say it ticks all my boxes, it is gross, there is action, humour, aliens, guns and did I mention gross. District 9 is the most realistic refugee slum I have seen outside of a documentary and this one is full of aliens that look alien. Something that is implausable situated in something that is very real but just as unimaginable for most of us who will see this film.

This is entertainment and it is loads of fun and if I never mentioned it, somewhat gross. However there is just below this very flimsy suface some very acute observations on society and social views. These are observations concentrated mainly on society in South Africa as Blomkamp is a South African but we are all the same species (Rather than fokin prawns) so all of us should also be able to relate to these observations. I think it places a mirror over the fast growing South African world of the Private security/police force. I have no further comments on this, the rest I leave up to you fokers to consider.

Sharlto Copley is magnificent at playing the over the top, ignorant, prejadice, trailer park, trash who has to much power. Wikus is delightfuly, if I haven’t mentioned gross. Someone you simultaneously despise and root for. He competes with Scarface and the Big Lebowski with the word Fok, in fact I love it in them to movies but after awhile with the S. African twang it gets a bit grating. This only adds to its power though. The aliens are awesome, all gross while wearing gang clothes and pink bras and despite only talking in clicks they disgust, amuse and also get your empathy.

This film you must see, the style of filming alone sets it apart with its mixture of documentary style fiming and CCTV camera parts.

You can probably tell from my reviews I like cinema that disgusts. So take a lesson from District 9 Mr. Jackson. You once did a great job of grossing me out, before you became sterile, cock sucker of the man.

P.s. I have just read my review and with the language, spelling and grammar I sound a bit like trailer park trash. I like that so I’m leaving it as it is folks . Have fun deciphering.

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