Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me To Hell

Review of Drag me to hell.

Just when you thought Sam Raimi left his bucket and hose at home and went to Hollywood to sell his soul to the to the Deadites, he got a reprieve and made ‘Drag me to hell’. We are back in Raimi country where he does, what is in the opinion of this humble child of the video nasty, his best genre, the slap stick, gross out, horror.

Drag me to hell is the classic piss of a gypsy, gypsy mumbles some stuff, you wonder why you speak to gypsies school of horror. Alison Lohman plays Christine Brown, a loan officer in a small town bank who is in competition with Stu Rubin played by Reggie Lee for the job of deputy manager at the bank. Only problem is she is not cut throat enough and is second in a two banker race. When a phlemic old gypsy with a huge set of false gnashers comes in to try to stop the foreclosure on her home, Christine decides this is the time to show she is the banker for the job. This results in a great confrontation in the car park with staple gun verses gummy chin suck and the curse begins.

Justin Long plays the beleagured boyfreind, who is there just to follow Christine around playing the standard horror character of the non-believer though he does pander to her while looking slightly bemused. Sadly no Bruce Campbell but Alison Lohman, although not memorable, holds her own. Who cares about the actors anyway, or even the script, with Raimi all you really want is a rancid looking floating demon, a flying eye ball or two and buckets of goo and all this he delivers. If you want plenty of shocks in equal quantities to laughs, this is the flick for you. You do feel Hollywood has tamed Raimi some what, making a horror flick for PG-13 and compared to his ‘Evil Dead’ days he has held back on the gross out, but the laughs are all there and if we get a DVD release with a few more buckets of slime we have a classic in the making.

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