Fire Routine

Fire Routine

This is a list of the checks we need to make for the building to be fire safe (daily, weekly, monthly, 6-monthly, yearly). Printed version to sign is in cinemaDaily Fire Routine

Every day:
All exits quickly and easily openable
Fire doors clear of obstructions
Escape routes clear
Panel indicator showing normal
Exit signs in good condition and undamaged/obscured
Extinguishers in place
Extinguishers visible/unobscured

Weekly Fire Routine – carry out Wednesday every week:
All emergency fastenings working correctly
External routes clear and safe
Test call points
Check alarm system worked correctly
Check the alarm was audible
Check charging indicators are visible
Check condition
Check supply to hose

Monthly / 6 month / AnnualĀ  Fire Routine

First Wednesday every month
Check condition of fire seals and door closers
Check external fire escape.

First Wednesday October and April
Alarm to be looked at by competent person
Test emergency lighting for 20 mins
Take records of checks to a meeting and discuss fire strategy

First Wednesday October
Check self-closing doors fit correctly
Check escape route compartmentation
Test emergency lighting for 1 hour
Check over emergency lighting circuit.
Have fire extinguishers serviced.

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